Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Best Doll For Your Lovely Kid This Holiday


             Barbie Collector 2000'S Holiday Doll

How about investing in Barbie collections? Think about these doll's uniqueness, quality and workmanship. Buy only those dolls that appeal to you most. That way, investment or not, you have made a beautiful choice.

Mattel doesn't guarantee that any product will increase in value. Some increase, others depreciate while some remain the same. But here you can buy at the least prices a new doll or you can try the used ones.

 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of holiday Barbie dolls. For many of us, this Christmas celeb would not be completed without Barbie. Most of us have childhood memories of Christmas morning with Barbie  gifts under the tree  and today we have holiday barbies and many new collections along with various ornaments to help celebrate the Christmas mood.                                                  
Many adult Barbie collectors collect every years Holiday model interestingly.

                                               2013 Barbie Holiday Collection

Add more fun to your collections by considering different themes.

There are of course celebrity Barbie, holiday Barbie, Hollywood movie star collection, Vintage reproductions, historical, fantasy themes etc.

Barbie collecting is a memorable experience that one can cherish for a long time even when we become old. You can find great deals here from vast collections and limited quantities. Since Barbie sale is peak this season, make use of the opportunity to grab now. 

Look for what you like. If you're collecting for nostalgia, you'll probably be drawn to the dolls sold when you were a child. If you collect for fashion, you'll find here specific collections which appeals compulsively. If you look for investment Barbies, look for vintage Barbie dolls. 


Many collectors consider dolls as an investment; they know that as time passes, the value of the dolls they purchase will go up. 19th century Bisque dolls by French manufacturers like Bru and Jumeau worth almost $22,000 today.                                                         

Celebrity dolls like U.S presidents, supermodels, movie stars, singers, athletes- after their death, the dolls with their name and likeness usually has their price skyrocket. Princess Diana dolls went for hundreds of dollars right after her death.                                                  

Barbie doll collecting is a fun hobby too; shared with mothers and daughters as well as grand-mothers and grand -daughters.

Check out Barbie  career dolls in inspiring roles here like Pet Vet, News anchor, Kid Doctor, our geek-chic Computer Engineer and this year's architect Barbie doll.                                                                 

Here you can get all things related to Barbie like printable hair extensions, other beauty play-sets like nail printers, styling heads, Barbie color-and-wash salon. Also chic Barbie furniture and accessories, adorable pets and Barbie horses and Ken dolls, Barbie cars, convertibles and jets and Barbie 3 story Dream Townhouse etc. An easy way to shop online!


Also find the latest collection of shoes, toys and clothing from the house of Barbie. Get discounts, free shipping, cash on delivery payment option and other benefits on your purchase orders.


Whether you're purchasing a gift for your special loved child, or adding to your own Barbie collection, you'll find an unparalleled variety of Barbie dolls and accessories here.

Again when you buy dolls for investment, try to buy the most limited editions possible, and be prepared to hold on the dolls for a lengthy time. Hard to find Barbie editions are available here from more than thousands of collections selling on this reputed online giant.


What is your purpose? Either play or collect? Play dolls are relatively cheaper than collector dolls.


What do you do when you are on a budget but still want a collection? If you're on a budget look for second hand dolls. The biggest place of course is Amazon.com. There are thousands and more listed every week on Amazon. This is my go-to website for getting deals as many of them go for under the price they are worth.


I got my vintage(pre-1973) inspired Glinda doll at Amazon for about $14 a few months back despite its $39.95 retail price. You won't always find such good deals, but if you're hesitant about paying high found at collector doll shops, Amazon is a good bet.


You may also find dolls for good prices at yard sales, estate sales or other personal second-hand sales. I would recommend avoiding antique shops unless you know that the owners price things fairly. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen cheap - goes for $8 on Amazon Playline dolls marked up to $30 $40 or even $50 or more just because they are sold at an antique shop.


If you're a fashionista, you might enjoy Barbie basics collection, which is a line of black label dolls and fashion sets. Or maybe you would like to re-purchase all of the playline dolls you had as a child. Or you would collect favorite TV shows/films linked Barbies like I love Lucy, The Wizard of Oz. 

If you enjoy setting up scenes with your dolls, you might enjoy occupation oriented dolls like Student Teacher Barbie, or Pan American Airways Stewardess Barbie. You could even get more creative and purchase all the ballet dolls you can find, or all the Barbies with red hair, or every kind of veterinarian Barbie doll out there.

Unfortunately, there is no book or website that lists every single Barbie doll ever made. However Official Barbie website has a few hundreds of dolls available to view.

My personal suggestion is that simply pulling up your sleeves and digging through the trenches of Amazon "Barbie" search will bring up almost every doll at least once. When you're browsing for Barbie online, at Amazon or not, make up a list of dolls you wish to pursue, and go from there!

I keep some of my dolls mint in the box , except the ones that are fun to pose like ballet dolls. Posing your dolls is a great way to stretch your creativity. I purchased a non Barbie ballet studio set and pose a few of my loose Barbie ballot dolls inside it, giving the appearance of Barbie stretching up her legs for a great opening night performance. The sky is really the limit if you like to go this route.

I have a friend who put together a miniature yellow brick road for her Barbie Wizard of Oz dolls. If you are bit a worried about de-boxing dolls, especially expensive ones, I personally find that buying them loose, gets rid of "de-boxing stress".

See the labels; Pink label means unlimited production number; Black label- unlimited production number and quality is a step-up from pink label; Silver label- not more than 50,000 pieces worldwide and quality enhanced than Black label; Gold label- not more than 25,000 pieces worldwide and quality superior than Silver label; Platinum label- not more than 1,000 worldwide, also includes one-of-a-kind releases, highest quality.

So, higher the label, doll comes more expensive. But you get high quality dolls. My Gold label dolls are much more intricate and use higher quality material for her outfits, hair, and display box than my Pink label dolls. But my Pink label dolls are still lovely quality, when compared to my playline dolls. When a doll is in a more limited edition, pre-order from a reputed safe dealer, instead of waiting for it to be released.

Just stroll through the Barbie dolls of the World collections, a collectible dolls, in ancestral dress from various countries with various appropriate accessories. 

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