My ODESSY& Experiences For E-Shopping

In 2005 I was a member with Amazon. I sold e-books. Fees were placed in my account only every 14 days.I offered charge-back and guarantees, but they terminated my account for no reason and they made me to wait for 90 days even when I had a positive feedback from buyers.Moreover Amazon software worked poor. They allowed no flexibility in listing my things apart from high fees-15%(referral and variable closing fees) for e-books.

My relative, Andy had another story with e-bay.They deemed her with "high risk account" for no reason. Just a few disputes(2-4) of over 100 customers was the reason cited to hold her money and cancellation of account.

Two of the well known establishments became out of my sight thereafter. Any marketplace you choose has its own system,processes,pros and cons. But for selling 1 or 2 items both are best bets. If you are a bulk seller, then, a word of caution for you all.

Since I had tons of unused items in my joint family, I searched for an easy,convenient,quick and hassle-free environment. I googled for a week and finally I discovered Set up YOUR OWN online store!.
Even if you wish you can not only sell your unwanted stuffs for nice profit, you can become a successful ECA without any headache when you have your own business or tons of items to upload.

Tripleclicks member listing program is truly adorable and
put a happy face for its members at all times.It lets you to
easily list and sell all unwanted items cluttering up your
closets,attic and garage for cash or for other products in 
Tripleclicks store.


Finally,someone has made it quick,simple and easy to sell your stuff you no longer need for cash or products.

Tripleclicks always calls you with ideas on how to improve your sales and work along with you to resolve issues. Any lazy person can list on Tripleclicks. It is one of the goliaths in E-commerce. You name any item and it is virtually guaranteed that you will have a customer willing to buy. Tripleclicks helps you find a great deal on all your used items. You can even use Tripleclicks as one of your side business to supplement your income!


Mostly I don't cash out instead I buy my groceries or other items in need for my family. This is because I get additional Tcredits and Member reward points(MRP)!,which in-turn when accumulated I use it to buy my wishlists rather for cash. I had 1360 TCredits accumulated in my account last month which I used it to buy 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Video Door Phone with 7inch TFT Screen.Actual Discount price is $239.99. I got 25 MRP instantly added to my account for the purchase. Thus I am saving atleast $10000 monthly. 


what can you sell?
    # Old jewellery
    # Cds/dvd's/records
    # Video consoles and games
    # Collectables(coins,figurines,stamp collections etc)
    # Abandoned toys of your kids
    # Vintage clothing and accessories
    # Tools and tool sets
    # Electronic gadgets
    # Crafts and atr-work
    # Picture frames
    # Bedspreads,quilts,coverlets etc
    # Unused or like-new pet products(leashes,bowls,toys)
    # Webkinz plush animals and Beanie babies

Worry about shipping?
   You can choose only for local pick-ups and for selling big items like bike,car,farm equipments etc. But your chances of getting vast potential buyers gets plummeted.


How long will your listing run?
As long as you like with no additional costs.Since new members are added daily,longer your item is listed,better the odds of a successful sale.

How can you participate ?
  1. Register FREE as a Tripleclicks member
  2. Purchase few Tcredits (see the details in my
     auctions post) as little as 29 cents each to use
  3. List your items (each listing cost you just 1 tcredit)
  4. You'll be notified by e-mail whenever someone buys
      an item of your listings.Then you ship it to the buyer.
  5. Get paid once delivery is confirmed.

Any good way to prepare several items to list and
sell at Tripleclicks?
First you gather required information for each item.So that when you are ready to fill information,you will be at your fingertips. What you need is:
   1. Name of item (up to 100 words)
   2. Description    (500 words)
   3. Shipping cost
   4. Price
   5. Special shipping notes (optional,up to 50 words)

Accompany your listing by uploading 3 photos.Each should not be not more than 1MB in size and saved in .JPG format.
Finally you can add a caption for photo,not more than 50 words and optional too.

Get your photos ready and type in names,descriptions,
prices into a word processor document. Then log into tripleclicks and proceed to Member Center and click 
new member listing link.Then begin copying and pasting your details into appropriate Tripleclicks fields.

Can you edit your listing after submission?
Yes.You can edit the price and the option of receiving lower priced offers ("make an offer").You can upload a new or a different photo of your listing. However,if you find an error after your submission, go to customer care page and they will quickly process your request.

Why doesn't Tripleclicks allow buyers to pay directly to you (sellers)?
If Tripleclicks handles payments directly, it has more than 50 payment options.That means more SALES opportunities for you. Also,transaction is safe and secure here. Since they act as an escrow between buyer and seller,most reliable and smooth transaction is ensured for you;and buyer gets what they ordered and you get paid. Of course, payment is direct on all direct local sales. You keep 100% of the sale price.

How can a prospective local buyer find your listings?
Tripleclicks search engine has a filter option to search locals in your area.In addition their homepage has "LOCAlife" panel populated with local offerings.

Why Tripleclicks bother buyer confirmation instead of shipment tracking number on delivery?

First of all, some sellers too don't require. Secondly,Tripleclicks focusses not only on delivery but a SATISFACTORY delivery.
Thirdly, tracking is cumbersome and overhead intensive and requires higher listing costs for you.

But it is safe for you to use track services because in most cases confirmation can be got from the buyer but you don't get paid.

What if the buyer doesn't confirm delivery?
Ship your product using FedEx or UPS sevices which has delivery confirmation and tracking. Tripleclicks confirm delivery via the tracking number you provide.

How will you know when delivery has taken place,so you can get paid?
After approximately a week (allow transit time) Tripleclicks sends a series of 3 emails to buyer to confirm satisfactory delivery with a link.Once buyer clicked the confirmation link in mail,Your proceeds will be deposited in your member account.

How does the buyer know you have shipped an item to them? 
Tripleclicks notify you of a sale and will direct you to Tripleclicks webpage. Enter date and shipment tracking number after which series of emails will be sent to the buyer.The systems first message is a quick email letting your buyer know that the item has been shipped and is on its way from you.

How will you know delivery has been confirmed and sales proceeds have been added to your account?
After buyer confirms delivery or via shipment tracking, Your proceeds are directly deposited into your member account. An email notification will be sent with a link to Tripleclicks webpage. Click the link and login. Total amount of proceeds currently in your account will be displayed. You can then select the mode by clicking paypal,check or Tripleclicks MASTER CARD or you can spend the fund immediately on any of the 90000 plus products or services at Tripleclicks.

How will you know when a sale has occurred, and to whom to ship your item?
An email notification with a link to tripleclicks webpage will be sent.Click the link and login to see complete details of what items purchased and who bought it? From here, you can print out the page with exact instructions for fulfilling the order. For your CONVENIENCE, Tripleclicks also provide you with a packing list to print out and enclose in your shipment.

Can you save up your earnings and cash out later to reduce the amount deducted?
Absolutely. This is the best savings option available.

You only pay for the cost of Tcredit for your listing with ZERO other charges to pay,even if you sell something for several thousand dollars?

If you choose to spend your proceeds at Tripleclicks, you pay NO EXTRA FEES. Even if you cash out your total cost would be just the cost of Tcredit for listing,and a nominal cash-out  fee.

How long does it take cash?
Cash-outs are processed every thursday once per week or the following business day if Thursday falls on a holiday.If you chose to receive funds electronically,you'll have access to your funds very quickly. If you chose as check, you'll have to wait to arrive by mail.You have to pay extra processing fee of $7 for check.

What exactly are the cash-out fees for any profits you receive after you sell something at Tripleclicks?

 If your cash-out amount is
 1. less than $50  = $2 deducted
 2. $50-$100         = $3 deducted
 3. $101-$249       = $5 deducted
 4. $250-$499       = $7 deducted
 5. $500-$999       = $15 deducted
 6. $1000 or more = $25 deducted

The above are for electronic transfer of your funds to
paypal or Tripleclicks Master card.So these are the only other amount apart from your spending of listings with Tcredits.


Why you should list items at Tripleclicks and not anywhere?

  • Listing here is quick,simple and easy. Whereas in ebay and other sites it is much complicated.

  •  Listings don't expire. Other sites just gives 7 days for      listing and charge you whether your item sells or not.     Here,you can sell as long as you like without any extra   fees.

  • The cost to list an item here is just as little as 29 cents.   There is no other cost for you if you spend your sales proceeds on other products at Tripleclicks. Only  a   nominal charge to receive your proceeds in cash! There are NO HIDDEN FEES at all. 

  • Here it is designed in such a way to get large audience   and they are both local and worldwide.

  • Tripleclicks want your items to be sold...and very fast.     Hence they give ample room to present and describe       your product features,up to 700 words and 3 photos,all for cost of just 1 credit( as little as 29 cents!)

  • You don't need to hassle with risky online transactions with strangers, for Tripleclicks itself handle it for you. A safe,secure,smooth,reliable transaction is ensured and you get paid and the buyer gets what they need here satisfactorily.

  • Tripleclicks is powered by SFI Marketing Groups,one of the world's largest affiliate networks,with over 1 million affiliates in more than 250 countries around the world.These affiliates,like me,are continually promoting Tripleclicks and are generating fresh,new prospective buyers. 

List your old goodies and


                           Turn your clutter into cash

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