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Everyone and anybody loves music. Nobody can deny! It is believed that God's abode in heaven too is always filled with music. Hence in churches, if you are a christian masses are incomplete without songs. In other religions too, ceremonies always hang with songs. For kids, we always teach rhymes to inspire their studies.

Music gives peace of mind besides joy. Though we don't have voice,rhythm or music knowledge we continue to sing even in bathrooms if not in other places. Such is the wonder of music. Recent studies prove music has a healing effect!
Everywhere in shops,malls and other public places or in workplace, even our mobile and gadgets SING!

Think if you are such an artist, want to be in glory of countless fans, say like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Madonna, Whitney Houston etc...

Want your voices to be heard in innumerable places? Want your music to be voted or rated? Want to go viral? To become a popular star globally? In addition to all these, scores of prizes and awards you would like to win etc..?

All you have to do is participate in Battle of the Bands Contest conducted by Online marketing giant, TRIPLECLICKS.

Thanks to Tripleclicks. Here I discovered a whole new world of great music from some very talented musicians-in a wide variety of music styles,from around the world!

Like most people, I heard only the big record labels and near monopoly radio stations,"force down my throat" simply! But the fact is, there is so, so much out there...



Tripleclicks is for Music Lovers. If you are a challenging artist get ready to have a millions of fan base! If you love to listen to musics which you haven't heard before and want to download it just for pennies like me, I want you to become a FREE WAVE3 MEMBER to get FREE T_CREDITS  and download as much as you can.

Tripleclicks Music of the Month Contest provides music artists from all over the world the opportunity to voice their best songs to 1.7 Million Tripleclicks members in more than 200 countries. Just upload a song each month.Members here vote for their favourites.The song with the most votes at the end of the month wins and is then featured on Tripleclicks homepage for the entire month.

You didn't really think the big record labels had a lock on all the best talent in the world.Did you? The fact is, there are thousands of great unknown genius singers, bands, song writers all over the world creating awesome music-You just don't know about it. Here Tripleclicks emerges as a great platform for you and your music to be heard!


Winning or entering in Tripleclicks Music Contest means,some serious BRAGGING rights for you,that you can use to further grow your band's reputation and fan base.

Tripleclicks members will rate or review your song entries to help you improve your further song writing and recording!

Yes. You instantly get a free customized Artist "T Connect" website for promoting your music and communicating with fans.Includes automatic previewing and instant downloads of every song you upload.It's also a no-hassle,plug-and-play site for selling your bands merchandise,tickets etc.,and more

Your songs downloaded for a nominal price:
Yes.The cost is just single Tcredit(29 cents).This is because giving a "free taste" has been repeatedly proven to be a great strategy for attracting new fans and subsequently generating paid sales for your other music,gear,tickets etc. Also by offering lots of inexpensive music,Tripleclicks able to attract large number of people to them,which in-turn benefits you. A total win/win!

Music Uploading Format:
Stereo MP3, encoded between 128-256 kbps(prefer 256!)

@Songs with lyrics containing personal attacks/
   promoting hatred.
@Songs with explicit sexual lyrics
@Promoting violence or discrimination based on                      sex,religion,country,physical disability etc.
@Promote illegal activities

YOU can submit "non-serious" songs:
Humorous songs are permitted.Especially that contains topical,social commentary,as they are proven "ATTENTION -GETTERS".With a great funny song that skewers a politician,celebrity, or deserving industry for example, your song will go VIRAL on internet, bringing you invaluable exposure and notoriety.

Tripleclicks helps you to promote your music/band:
          and Download features:

* Get broad exposure (more than 1million members globally)

* Open to all artists worldwide

* Compensation in the form of exposure of you & your music

* Free artist webpage where you can automatically
   build your fan list with unlimited,free message                        broadcasting, plus more...

* Also able to add and sell your band's paraphernalia
  (T- shirts etc.,) with quick,simple,plug-and-play ease.

You can sell your uploaded music in Tripleclicks elsewhere  and they won't interfere.

*Use all infrastructure,marketing support and services  without any restrictive contracts/costs whatsoever.

*Tripleclicks is the place of "BEST MUSIC NEVER HEARD"

*Registration is totally FREE and you have full access
 within minutes.

*No software required to download any Tripleclicks 
 music. Fully web-based service.

*To manage song collection,use iTunes for mac/
 window users,XMMS for Linux users.

*Problem with download, contact customer care and
 they immediately address the needs.

*You can download Tripleclicks songs into your 
  personal music collection on your computer, just
  by dragging the mp3 file on to iTunes application.

*No Digital Rights Management is used. So you can 
 burn unlimited CD's or transfer the music to any
 computer or portable music player,including ipod for
 your personal use.

*Tripleclicks music is 100% compatible with Apple ipod/iTunes & every other mp3 player on the market.

About your questions:
More Details Regarding CONTEST Participation here

Songs like
 Hip Hop,Rap,World,Metal,Pop,Rock,Alternative,Dance
 /techno,Spiritual,Humor,R&B/Soul,Folk etc. shakes the  visitors who love to hear music in Tripleclicks while  shopping!

                                              SONG OF THE MONTH

                                                               JULY 2013 WINNER                      Praying On An Evening Star
                                                                                                                                               by Selma Hronn Mariudottir   
                                                                                    Overall contest champion    

I love you tenderly and strongly                             DreamWalk 
by Zangsta                                                                    by Olympia Chatzinikolaou Rapti
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These are some of the best songs of top artists at Tripleclicks. Similarly, you can download new songs as well as from new artists too.Either you participate in contest for free else download the incomparable music,not even heard of, and a soul soothing, stress free, relaxing rhythms of any genre here.

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