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Want Latest Trendy Gadgets At An Affordable Price?

               World's Smallest HD Digital Video Camera
                              Motion Detection

                              Free Shipping


Smallest mini DV with powerful functions. Functions including: Camera, video recording, sound recording, webcam, motion detection etc. Adds more fun to your everyday life. Ideal for shopping, travelling and any outdoor activities.


Product Specifications:

  • Format -           AVI(video), JPG(picture), WAV(sound)
  • Video Resolution :  1280*960 @30 fps


  • 100% Brand New!
  • Picture Resolution: 5 megapixel (interpolated by                                        software), 3 megapixel recommended)
  • Powerful Functions: camera, video recorder, sound                                         recorder, and webcam
  • Advanced Video Motion Detection Function: (As long as objects move into effective range of the lens, this mini DV will begin recording video automatically without pushing any buttons by yourself)
  • Playing while charging
  • Supports micro SD/TF card up to 32GB (memory cards not included) I have 16GB and it works great.
  • Supports time & date display
  • Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • It can carry out High Definition image recording under low illumination
  • Charged via USB port or powered by connecting 1* AA battery (emergency)
  • Perfect companion while you are shopping, hiking, travelling and other outdoor activities
  • Can add fun and color to your life, not a professional camera though.



  • Color :                             Black
  • Camera Weight:              15g
  • Camera size:                   45mm * 29mm * 10mm
  • Image Sensor:                CMOS
  • Type :                              mini
  • High Definition support : 480p
  • Optical zoom :                  < 10x
  • Lens Angle:                   60 degrees
  • Lens :                            High-end Quality lens
  • Video Resolution:         VGA,1280*960 @ 30fps + 1 fps
  • Webcam Resolution:    320*240
  • Photos :                       1 GB approx. 2100 photos
  • Image radio:                 4:3
  • Video Compression :   M-JPEG
  • Format :          AVI (video),  JPG (picture),  WAV (sound)
  • Charging Time :          about 3 hours
  • Play time Per Charge: about 85min (video recording), about  3 hours (sound recording) 1 GB/12.34h
  • OS: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/Vista/Mac/OS 10.4/Linux
  • Memory:        Micro SD(TF) cord socket (4 GB supplied)
  • Battery:          Built-in 220 mA Rechargeable battery
  • Charging Time :                  app.3 hrs.
  • Operating temperature :     0-40 degrees
  • Operating Humidity :          20% - 80%
  • Size in mm :                        45 * 29 * 11
  • Weight :                              0.50 kg
  • Input :                                 DC- 5V
  • Sampling rate:                    24 kHz
  • Transfer interface :             Mini 5 pin USB
  • Charged by:     USB port or 1 * external AA battery


Package Content:

1 * Mini DV
1 * Wrist Strap
1 * Mini USB Cable (connecting external AA battery)
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * Hard box
1 * Battery Bottle ( for 1 * AA battery not including)
1 * CD (user manual and driver)



Retail Price: $65.00
You Save: $38.06 (59%)

Item No: 211138
Ships From: CHINA
Condition / Status: New / In Stock


Free Worldwide shipping. Item shipped directly 
from China, by China Post Air mail, or Hongkong Post Air mail, with the tracking number. Mostly reaches any country within 10-20 working days. If do not delivered within 30 days, contact us via mail. Mail address provided at the site.

Customer Questions & Answers:

  • How do you get this record in 1280 * 960?

To the best of my knowledge, you can't.  I did a quick check of my video software and "debut video capture" can change the size if you run the video and copy it to the new size. I tried it but the quality was not so good. To be honest, I felt like a champ to finally figure out how to record anything, the instructions are the worst ever. So, given that it might be possible, yet, it's beyond me.

  • What kind of rechargeable battery does it have? is it Lithium Ion?

The manual indicates that it is a Lithium Polymer Battery of 220 mAh capacity. It has worked well for me. Charging through a 5 VDC USB port shows a led that changes color once charged. Resolution is rather crude but good enough for application like vehicle traffic reporting.

  • Is the Disk required to get the recorded video on the camera moved onto your computer? I have a laptop without a Disk Drive:(

Pop the mini SD card out and put it in a reader, insert into USB port, and your pic/video will be accessible. Or attach USB cable and it can be read as another drive and the file can be moved from one folder to another on your computer.

  • How do you remove/hide the date & time from recording? 

Load video into editing software and crop the shot larger until the darn date is out of the scene.

  • How can I reset the mini-DV? I can't find the hole to do it?
There is no reset and it can't be reset.

  • Who is the manufacturer of this camera?

It's made in China. Manufacturer can't be found either in the box or in the camera.

  • Does it have a screen on the back?

The unit is very small. Basically, there is a hole for sighting the video to the left. Truthfully, the hole is worthless for aiming. I just hold in my hand and aim over the unit. Takes a good video.

  • If the camera is connected directly to the wall outlet, should it work all the time or just for charging?

The camera I have can be connected to a computer using a USB cable for charging. There was a small remote charger in the box that takes a AA battery. When charging with either the USB or battery, the small indicator light goes blue, red then slow blinking red. I tried. It will not record when charging.

  • On the technical details, it says that it has 5 times optical zoom. Is this true?

It is 100% true.

  • Does this product include night vision?

Nope. It is for resolution and video stability. For a cheaper price, I think, it's worth what it was.

                           Check This Hot Selling Tablet Before 
                                       The Cheapest Deal Is Gone. 

My Personal Recommendation:

I bought as I was excited about the small size as well as the price. The package is excellent and received in a timely fashion. However, the instructions were not clear and ridiculous too. I didn't know how to make it functional. Only after re-formatting my Micro SD card, it worked as a champ! Only downside I found is hard to understand user manual. If they used correct translation, I would not have this much strain to find out its operational part.

How You Can Operate - An Easy User Guide:


Before using for the first time, charge it completely. 

1. Connect to computer. Use USB cable to connect, then it       can be charged.
2. Use adaptor: Connect charger plug with USB cable, then       plug into electrical connector receptacle, then it can be         charged.

When you charge, the blue light will illuminate and red light will flash slowly; when finished charging, the red light stops flashing.

Note: when battery power isn't enough, the device will enter into protection mode, so it can't be turned on. Charge it for continued use. Micro SD card should be formatted prior to use. 

2. ON/OFF:

Please confirm micro SD card has already been inserted!

power on: Press power button for 3 seconds. Blue indicator light illuminates.
power off: In the suspended state, press power button for 3 seconds. Indicator light turns off.


Power on and device enters video mode, the red indicator light illuminates. Press REC (on/off) once, red light will flash indicating that recording has started; press REC (on/off), the red indicator light illuminates stead, indicating suspension mode, and saves the recorded content. If you need to record again, press REC (on/off) once and recording begins again.
image resolution: 720 * 480 frames, 29-30 fps/ S.


1. Take care Micro SD card is inserted, else, power off              automatically after 5 seconds.
2. Maximum capacity of Micro SD card is 16GB only. Some      cases they allege 32GB. 
3. Saving file needs some time. So, please don't press              operation button continuously, in order to avoid saving          unsmoothly and generating incomplete file.
4. When you make a video please focus on the object and        keep 50cm under sufficient illumination. Video will look          natural, sharp, bright, clear and stable.


In the video mode, press mode button for short time. Device enters camera mode. Blue indicator light illuminates. Press REC once and blue light flashes once, taking a photo. Repeat the same to take another one.
Image resolution: 1280* 1024


In camera mode, press mode button. Device enters recording mode. Red and blue light begins to illuminate. Press REC(on/off) once and device begins recording as the red indicator light illuminates and blue light flashes. Press REC( on/off) once and red&blue light illuminates again. Now stop recording and save. Repeat the same to record more than one track.


In normal mode, press mode button for 3-5 seconds. Blue and red indicator light begins to brighten; it enters the motion detection mode. Camera within a moving object, the Blue indicator light flashes once then off, while began recording. Motion detection video, camera range without moving object, the machine stops automatically after 60 seconds. The blue and red indicator light backs light, to continue moving detection status. In this status, press REC, red indicator light begins to bright, stop and save.


Shutdown state, hold the video/camera button, connected to the power line, equipment start-up, entry charging while video state.


1. Insert Micro SD card, connect to computer, find a text         called TIME.TXT under root directory of card.
  2011-05-01    23:59:59,
2. Open TIME.TXT, write correct date and time in the above     format. Any other format will result in an error.


Mini DV-006H  will save file and turn off automatically

1. When you shoot video without enough power,file will be       saved automatically then auto -power off. 
2. When disk space of DV-006H is not enough, the indicator   light will go out and the file will be saved automatically,         then the camera will power off.
3. Under stand-by mode, without any operation in 45               seconds, it will be auto -power off.


It can connect computer under power off mode, stand-by mode and video mode. After that which can be used as U disk, who can cut, copy, paste and delete file.
When you connect it with USB port, a portable disk mark will be seen after several seconds. Red indicator light shines steady and yellow indicator light will be flashed quickly to bright.


1. When you connect to computer, if the machine cannot        identify or cannot see the portable U disk mark in 30             seconds, please insert it again.
2. It is better to cut/copy video file into computer hardware      and then play. Video file which is saved in the camera and    played directly, will not play smoothly because large              amount of data cannot be transmitted fast enough.


Connect the device to the computer with USB. The computer will identify the U disk. Press any key at this moment and

the camera will switch to webcam mode. Then double-click the network camera icon of my computer and can be used as PC camera.

                        Returns & Refund Policy

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Decaffeinated, Naturally Sweetened and No Calorie, Handy, Easy-To -Prepare Original HerbaGreen Tea

Green Tea is known for its various health benefits. It provides a healthy, zero- calorie beverage alternative to sugary sodas and juice concentrates often consumed by most of the people. Do you know why people in middle-east, China, Japan, and Korea live for long? They embrace a natural, healthy diet and more prominently, Green Tea.


We have various forms of Green tea available in the market today. Like tea bags, loose tea, capsules, instant, and even tablets. 

For those on the go, liquid concentrate affords convenience by allowing for quick preparation. A few drops added to plain hot/cold water creates a delicious green tea drink without waiting for water to boil or tea bags to steep. The concentrated form is considerably more potent than brewed Green tea, and therefore can be used to quickly and directly benefit from the anti-oxidants, polyphenols, carotenoids, tocopherols, minerals and other phyto-chemical compounds present in Green tea.

One of the most popular liquid green tea concentrates available today is HerbaSway's original HerbaGreen tea. Iml or 30 drops added to 6-12 oz of water is more than enough to create an anti-oxidant packed health drink that capitalizes on both taste and health aspects of green tea. No caffeine, no preservatives, no alcohol, no calories are found here.


                                          Product Rating 


Tripleclick's Price
Retail Price: $22.95

You Save: $9.96 (43%)

HerbaGreen tea has lotus leaf rich in Isoflavones, Kudzu for promoting circulation, 100mg of Polyphenols, equivalent to at least 15 cups of the strongest brewed Green tea. It's naturally sweetened with lo han fruit extract - promotes fat-burning. 


It is also called Monk fruit, named after by southern Chinese monks in 13th century. It's a magical fruit with many health benefits. It supports immune system, digestive tracts, glands and respiratory system. Defends allergy, cancer, diabetes and heart disease; so, used in medicines and Chinese lived over a hundred years in the region where monks used this fruit in medicinal preparations.

Each bottle equals 60 servings. 1 bottle of HerbaGreen tea= 2 fl. oz. or 60 servings.

Choose from among Original flavor, Heavenly Honey Lemon, or Mandarin Mango Swirl.

Benefits of Green Tea Polyphenols:
  • Maintains healthy cells, cell growth & development
  • supports a healthy cardio-vascular system
  • promotes healthy weight control by blocking carbohydrate absorption
  • fights damaging free-radicals, which attacks healthy cells and promote ageing
  • supports the immune system
  • helps body maintain its toxic-free condition
  • promotes healthy blood sugar balance
  • supports dental and optimal gum health

Concentrated HerbaGreen tea Vs. Tea-bag tea source:

Scientific documentation has shown that majority of the therapeutic effects of green tea are due to polyphenols. Steeping a tea bag in hot water is a very inefficient means of extracting these polyphenols. Caffeine content defeats the polyphenols benefit too. HerbaGreen tea contains concentrated extracts, with over 90% polyphenols. One serving provides 115 mg of polyphenols, the equivalent of more than 15 cups of brewed "tea bag" green tea.

Furthermore, a lot of green tea from tea bags contains caffeine, which many people try to avoid. HerbaGreen tea has only caffeine- free green tea extracts. You get all the benefits of Green Tea Polyphenols with HerbaGreen tea!

Finally, each small bottle of HerbaGreen tea is a much more convenient source of healthy anti-oxidants for a busy lifestyle than messy tea bags. Just add a single dropper to your water bottle and enjoy while working out, walking, or on the go... or add some tea into your water while dining out. 

Ingredients Per Serving:
  • Green tea extract (leaf)            - 100 mg
  • Lotus extract (leaf)                   - 24 mg
  • Lo Han extract (fruit)                - 16 mg
  • Stevia extract (leaf)                  - 15 mg
  • Kudzu extract (root)                 - 10 mg
  • Chinese Licorice extract (root)  - 2 mg

Other ingredients:
Purified water, natural glycerin and natural flavors.

Mix one full dropper (1 ml; 30 drops) of HerbaGreen tea to a cup of water at any temperature. Drink 2-3 times throughout the day or as often as desired. For optimal results with weight loss, drink during or immediately after meals.

Product Reviews:

92% of buyers would recommend this product to a friend

89% of buyers would buy this product again

92% of buyers experienced acceptable delivery time

98% of buyers said this product arrived in the described 



Kenneth B.
I can't say enough good things about the Herba Green Tea Products. The shipping is cheap because the product is small. The tea is really a healthy alternative for someone who doesn't like to drink plain water. I find myself driniking several glasses a week, sometimes more than two a day. Highly recommended. 



I have been drinking this tea since I first bought it 2 years ago and it is the first green tea I drank without sugar but it tastes good. I also like the fact that there is no bag and I can carry it in my purse and add it to water when Im out. I had polyps in my throat that hurt and I felt such relief after drinking this several times daily for a few months. I would recommend anyone to at least try it.

                       For More User's Experiences

Standard shipping is available.

Returns & Refunds:
Within 30 days from purchase. More information here.

My Verdict:
A great product for tea lovers. I browsed various sites and found more number of good reviews about HerbaGreen tea especially the no caffeine and natural sugar add more benefit than other top green tea brands. It's a hot selling product thus we can infer its benefits. No other site can match the lowest price offered by Tripleclicks along with safe and fastest delivery. Try this best commented and 4.5- 4.9 rated (out of 5) Naturally Delicious Health Drink at once.

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Perfect Comic -laced Frugal Ideas For Bargainers To Save Some Money

    Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap

An year ago, my friend treated me with this book as a gift for me. She very well know that though I am living the best, living cheap sounds more better. The book did not disappoint me.

I couldn't control my laughter while reading some pages. Are there people who love spending more in today's hectic life? No. Never. It's a timely book with a sense of humor attached. Ms. Kozen exposed a fun side of frugality. The book is full of ideas on getting great deals on foods, clothing, car, travels and more. It has a different feel than a typical "10 Ways to Save Money" magazine article. Bargain Junkie is addicting. Learn "How To Live Large, But Pay Little".

                                                                               Retail Price: $12.99
                                                                               You Save: $4.87 (37%)
 Item No: 218583
Qty Available: 35                                                                                                                Product Rating 

100% of buyers would recommend this product to a friend
70% of buyers would buy this product again
100% of buyers experienced acceptable delivery time
100% of buyers said this product arrived in the described condition


Forget Fashionistas. Meet the Bargainista. Annie Korzen is a thrifty women with expensive tastes. Raised by an immigrant mother who re-used tea bags, Annie learned early on how to be an economista. In Bargain Junkie, Korzen shares her hilarious tales from the trenches- the garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, rummage sales and online auctions. Korzen haggles, scrimps, saves and stretches her dollars and imagination so she can afford to travel, dress well, and eat out whenever possible. Whether she's getting a cardio-vascular  workout at the store, getting revenge on a yard-sale con artist, or eating herself sick at the free green room buffet before appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Annie is the ultimate Bargainista.  

One of the Customer Review:


Heather M. 

                                                           Reviewed September 16, 2013

What a wonderful read this little book is, I literally laughed out loud at some of the stories, but t it also gave some good money saving information. 

                   More Customer Reviews Here

About Author:

She is exceptionally good. She keeps you laughing as she shares true stories of her life as a 'Bargainista'.  Annie is an Hollywood actress, but not rich and famous. She has played a variety of small roles on shows like Seinfled, ER and Hannah  Montana. Annie also writes comedy and it shows here. You will love reading on her appearance in Oprah. Besides, Annie has a warm and funny  personality, the book is fun to read. Her essays have been printed in the New York Times, the Los Angels Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and elsewhere. She has delivered commentaries on NPR'S Morning Edition, and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. Annie calls Los Angels her home.


Only standard shipping is available. 

Product Details:

    Korzen, Annie
Andrews McMeel Publishing
   Form - Anecdotes
   Consumer Guides
Edition Description:
Trade paper
Publication Date:
                     TRADE PAPER
              7 x 5 in 8.575 oz

Returns & Refunds:

                       Check Out Here

My Verdict:

Although I am a Bargain enthusiast, I was surprised by how much I had yet to learn from Annie's very entertaining, imaginative and informative Bargain Junkie. It is right on the money- full of good sense and good cents. I enjoy Ms. Korzens approach to living; she is not exactly "picky cheap", but more "living large" oriented.

Bargain Junkie is available in Tripleclicks as "Deal-Of-The-Day". Just $5.69. You save $7.30, a 56% savings for you!. If you enjoy reading well-written, occasionally humorous blog post lengthy articles about frugality and maximizing your buying dollar, you will enjoy this book.

                  While Spending Money


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Top Selling, High Resolution, Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Review

Launched in U.S in November 2012, as an updated form of 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD, this Kindle fire HD 8.9"  is a cheap, first large screen tablet with all qualities you look for to get you locked into Amazon's world.
                                 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 

                                 (Tripleclick's Price)

It has got great features undoubtedly confirming one of the
best tablet available in the market.

Amazon's starting price is $269 and costs $299 for other retailers online. E-bay- $230.

Design and User-Interface:

Though similar in design to the 7" model, screen is relatively larger. Thick black borders around the screen make it bigger than ipad-mini; Though ipad-mini is admittedly cheaper, lighter, smaller, higher in resolution, it is devoid of HD display, which is a huge setback. Further ipad-mini doesn't have a 16:9 display ratio, which is essential for proper viewing of movies, which means the viewer loses display area, as the screen turns letter-boxed. This is the biggest boon to Kindle Fire HD revolution.

Buttons and ports look alike the previous model with the same soft- touch rear and stereo speakers. Undoubtedly, you can use it for landscape orientation. Speakers deliver clear, loud sound better than other tablets I heard. Thanks to tablet's beveled bottom -don't sit flush with the desktop and actually send out sounds at an angle, reverberates off the desk, thus enhancing the quality.

Similar to laptop, webcam is located centrally above the screen and speakers are on the left and right towards the rear bottom. Based on your holding position, your hands act as a reflector, to direct audio forwards, cover the speakers and muffle the sound. 

Kindle Fire HD 8.9" offers a single front facing camera,which uses a 1.3MP sensor to give you a reasonable video conferencing.

Amazon prime members hugely benefit with the purchase. Those who are new to prime will also have 1 month free prime after their purchase.

Micro-USB and micro HDMI-ports for synch/charge and TV output are seen on the bottom edge. Hence I suggest Kindle Fire HD 8.9" to others - avoided proprietary cables and adapters

However the volume and power button on the right side sit flush with the body are hard to locate, especially power. Near the top you find headphone jack.

Quality of building is very impressive leave alone the weighing side- 567g. Credit to Amazon for its well-designed case.

Apps and files are automatically categorized by the user interface and placed in respective zones which enables users to eliminate app-hunting. The main home screen displays the most recently used applications in a carousal format.

Full HD Display:
         A superb screen for the price. Has wide viewing angles, deep colors and good contrast.

The new Kindle version HD 8.9" is adorable for its stunning HD full view screen. The 1920* 1200 resolution makes everything nice and sharp. Pixel density is 254 ppi. Similar to its previous model, it has 10-point multi -touch capacitive screen which use IPS LCD panel.

Though we all expect a revised ipad-mini with a retina screen this year end, Fire HD 8.9" model beats other existing models for resolution. One of the compelling reason to buy Amazon is: awesome HD video  as do photos and e-books.

Another advantage over ipad-mini 7" is the cheap 4G LTE package just $50/year. Other 4G LTE enabled tablets starts typically $15/month. So, an additional $130 savings from first year alone!

Watching videos together with Dolby audio engine -dual rear stereo speakers, a cherishing experience.

Kindle supports a range of file formats in all zones. I checked out the most commonly used documents  such as text, word, excel, PDF etc. and it worked as expected. Then tried a few HD 720p and full HD 1080p videos to check video aspects. Full HD videos didn't fail/stutter anywhere.


 Unsurprisingly, the same OS as the other two kindle fires. Say, slick and very easy to use. The only snag, although based on Android Ice-Cream Sandwich, it's pretty locked down. You can't access the Google play store. Instead you have to buy apps, games, videos, magazines and e-books from Amazon. Pretty understandable from its subsidized nature.


You can choose to install any third-party apps unlike Barnes & Noble Hook HD. If you know what to do, you can run apps other than Amazon too. Of course there is BBC iPlayer app. But you still can't find other catch-up apps such as ITV player and 4oD.

Amazon's kindle store gives access to 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games, audio-books and magazines with over 1.5 million kindlebooks and over 800,000 books priced cheap. This real strength makes me not to look for any other play store.

A tip for enthusiasts: the tablet can be rooted and custom Android ROM's installed, but you can void the warranty while doing so.

A simple payment of $15 to Amazon will make your tablet ad -free since the model is ad sponsored. It's the least intrusive ad method I've ever seen. Offers are seen only in lock screen and not anywhere. I appreciate coupon offers.

Amazon has Lovefilm instant for movies. You can access it via monthly subscription. There are also HD movies and TV shows which you can watch in Kindlefire HD. Great viewing experience on screen. You can download  them for viewing only in online. So get an internet connection. If you wish, install the free Netflix app from Amazon's app store.

Reading e-books is a pleasure on the big screen ignoring the 'little weight'.

Connectivity and Storage:

It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which is sufficient for many. Like Google's nexus7, we can't find GPS or NFC. Remember, Kindles are designed to consume contents mostly. With 16 GB model, you get 12.7 GB storage. Sadly, you can't add further via memory card. There are no expansion slots to install a microSD card for additional storage. It doesn't feature USB OTG options for additional data expansion too. You can use wireless storage/ network share either at home or office. Personal NAS on the web can also be availed. But high quality screen and fairly low price compensates its negative issues.




Comparing 7" fireHD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9" has faster dual-core processor,which virtually matched Nexus7. On an average it scored 1398 in Geekbench 2 and 12 fps in the Egypt HD test from GLBenchmark. Averaged 1376 ms Sunspider JavaScript test. Analyzing the scores it performs a little better than conventional dual-core tablets in the market.

Though loading delays happen when you scroll webpage for contents, webpages loaded by browser are fairly quick.

Battery Life:

Amazon's claim is "over 10 hours" of continuous use. However, it lasts for 7 hours and 15 minutes for playing back full brightness Wi-Fi video - still scores good and that too in big screen.

Charge with good 2A, like ipad, for faster charging. Conventional chargers from other smartphones doesn't yield any result. Charging from PC or laptop consumes 14 odd hours, very slow.

As brightness can't be reduced significantly because of the somewhat low brightness already, but disabling Wi-Fi could very well achieve 8 - 8.5 hours.


My friend set its brightness for 3 days he played with to 75%,constantly streaming videos, downloading apps, playing games, and navigating the interface. During which, he charged once in every 5 hours.

Battery performs admirably against both 7 inch and 10 inch android competitors.

Tested specKindle Fire HD 8.9Apple iPad (third generation)Google Nexus 10
Maximum brightness413 cd/m2455 cd/m2368 cd/m2
Maximum black level0.45 cd/m20.49 cd/m20.44 cd/m2
Maximum contrast ratio917:1939:1836:1

           Customer Review Collections From The Web

Review 1:

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
                                  What a Machine24 May 2013

Ordered on Wednesday arrived Thursday well packaged arrived on time before 1'o clock as required. Unpacked the tablet and it looked the business, pressed the on button and hey pressto it was working a few instructions to follow but quite easy to set up.
I bought my Kindle Fire HD to replace a tablet that broke after just two months this was sent to be repaired under the warranty but was sent back with the expanation beyond repair unable to get a replacement from the company warranty took seven weeks without a tablet to finally get a refund so don't Go Clever go Kindle.
Using the Kindle is a dream it will do everything without any problems I have had it and used it now for a week First thing I noticed was the lack of things I wanted to use Like ITV player and 4 od they say that these are not available on the Kindle not the case after a little investigation both are up and running.
To get these working is quite easy.
Go to from the site you can download the two files you need the Flash player 11.1 and Dolphin browers.
You will need Flash player to make things work its very very simple to do from the site download the files open your ES file manager click on download files and you will see the two files from there install them.(The one thing you need to do is in your kindle settings click Allow instalation of Applications)
The reason for the Dolphin Browser is Google Bing and other browsers do not support Flash (this is Adobe not supporting these its not only Kindle but all tablets using these browsers)
Dolphin is a good browser and supports Flash but I went for Firefox Mobile Browser This can be installed from the Firefox web site to your computer and sideloaded to your kindle using your USB cable supplied this will be in your ES file manager for intallation install it and use it away you go.
when using Fire fox or Dolphin in the top right you will see three bar icone click select Request desktop site Enjoy ITV player 4od and 5 on demand (5 0ndemand can be used from the You tube only as there are copy write issues with on mobile devices)
I can state that the Kindle Fire Hd 8.9 ia a good looker a tablet that will please everyone.
The Kindle Fire will work everywhere inside outside and in the Garden shed the Wifi system is the best I have used it works in all rooms inside with out any boosters I would give this 10 out of 10 it works great no drop out.
If you like films it comes with Love film free for a month I use Netflix and just downloaded the app from Amazon app store free and it worked first time with no problems, you can get BBC iplayer Catch up Tv Film on tv Crackle all in the
Amazon app store for Free.
Buying the Kindle Fire Hd was the best thing I did it a tablet that does everything is says on the tin download Wifi transfer app fron the store and open up a new world of file sharing.
If theres a downside this is it you will need the Kindle Charger this will charge your tablet in less time if you want to use the kindle on your HDTV you will need a HDMI cable.
In closing don`t be put off by the kindle not having a ext sd slot you will not need one use the cloud it good and free.
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Review 2:

on Dec 3, 2012
I think tablets are more for consumption so the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is my Christmas present this year. However, I can still stay in personal and business email contact with this device and do some web browsing. It supports Exchange ActiveSync and with the OfficeSuite app you can view Office files. If you browse to the Kindle at Work page you can see all the options, e.g., Cisco AnyConnect VPN and Cisco WebEx. For me, this is the best tablet. Not a productivity tool but while I am having my Akita groomed and I'm at Mustard Seed Market for a gourmet dinner, I can watch videos, listen to music, read or listen to my growing list of Kindle books and check my personal and Exchange IT support email. I don't travel too far from home base so this is all I need. If I did, I have an excellent Asus 15.6 notebook for serious road work, i.e., Office 2010 Pro, LogMeIn Central and Microsoft TechNet

Review 3:

on Dec 3, 2012
I have the KF89 with 32GB. I agree that for me the LTE option is not worth it. When I'm out and about, there's always a WiFi hotspot somewhere near.
I got the KF89 to read large sized or complex layout PDFs (like your W8 book e.g.:D ). I had been using a KDX and a KF1 for this previously with mixed results. The KF89 is much better. I find reading large format magazines like Scientific American, Communications of the ACM, and the Economist on the KF89 to be very nice.
The screen is very nice -- I particularly like the better than full HD resolution for watching videos. I am a prime member, and this is my 4th kindle. I read about 140 mass market e-books per year, and get maybe a like number of professional computer books (mostly as PDFs) as well -- so I am a pretty good fit with your Amazon consumer model.
However, as a computer professional, I have found a sufficient number of technical apps in the Amazon and 3rd party app stores to let me use the KF1 and KF89 as a more general tablet. It may not be as good as the iPad, Nexus, or Galaxy Tab/Note, but it's good enough for me, and as you say, you do save $$.

Battery life7.4
Size and weight8.3
Value for money8.2
Overall rating8.1

                        Average score based on 63reviews
Score: 8.1/10

My Verdict:

  • If you like multitasking and demand a full sized tablet to run any android you like, prioritize Kindle fire HD 8.9" as a top list immediately for your holiday shopping spree.

  • If you are a good reader of e-books, comics and magazines, definitely this is the golden deal you should never miss. Honestly, an unmatched resolution for its price.
  • If you are budget conscious as well as looking for a premium tablet with a large display-high resolution, I recommend kindlefire HD 8.9 inch for sure.
  • Great one-stop device for watching movies and films, digital music, browsing the web, sending and receiving mail and playing games to your heart's content.
  • An excellent entertainment device which can be handled by even users with zero technical knowledge.
  • Though you can get other still cheaper tablets, in my opinion, what defends Kindle HD 8.9" is the superior build quality, easy and swift user interface, above than average performance, full HD IPS display, comforting viewing angles, excellent speakers and a good battery life.

  • Even as it lacks USB OTG for 3G dongles, non-expandable storage option, and an optional charger that has to be additionally paid for, currently, this is the only premium dual-core 9" tablet available in the market at cheap affordable price.

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