Monday, 26 August 2013

Wish A Solution To Reverse Your Ageing Process?

We all wish to lead a healthy life. How long? Everyone is expected to lie down to rest forever as destined by God. We, perhaps, want to prolong our life as much as possible in order to see our generations growing, fun time with great grandchildren and for so many reasons of our own...

Have you come across a few healthy citizens living more than 100 years? One of the secret is food: "you are what you eat"!. Other than that, daily physical activity, being sociable, adoring nature living, stress and chemical-free lifestyle all complement your longevity.

                                          " Read the paper and watch what you eat " -
 Jiroemon Kimura, celebrating his 116th birthday:  AFP.

I want to share a funny joke with you. Once a boss asked his employee: "Is it true that women live longer than men?" Employee replied: "Of course. Especially widows".

Foods we eat is the best source of nutrients. In today's scenario, is there anyone who eat all kinds of foods to get all balanced, required nutrients daily? nope. Sure, one has to find a best "power-house" of nutrients available in the world to engineer ageing gene. "Money can't buy you hapiness" is all we heard; but I redefine, "money can buy you health and therefore happiness!"


If one consumes more than 95% essential nutrients from food itself, he won't be healthy. For, he consumed pesticides/preservatives and other harmful chemicals too which cannot be easily eliminated by our body. Hence we need supplements to add life.

I browsed for several hours over net to find best ingredient that supports longevity. Some say seanol, a sea weed. While others suggest fish oil, and even a type of squid extract. Every one has their own opinions. Finally I end upon a product and researched for the company. AIM, Alliance In Motion Global Inc., who happens to be the e-commerce associate of  Tripleclicks.

Whenever you buy a product, and that too, health stuffs, scrutinise the company first. Whether they are successful? Are their products safe? Are they approved? Any awards?

Finding the best supplement for us becomes a daunting task, as there are numerous products pour in daily, laced with sales talk and false testimonials. Therefore I always believe in manufacturing company and the distributor details credentials. Here, in my article, I let you know the best product along with renowned distributor facts.

AIM is a multi-billion network marketing company based on Phillipines. It is a successfully running business for the past 8 years. Its products are US FDA approved, Kosher accredited, HALAL approved, good Manufacturing practices certified, Bureau of Foods& Drugs approved, SEC registered. Awarded with Frost and Sullivan in 2004.

AIM's best selling longevity formula Restorlyf, is a unique, standardised Resveratrol blend of powerful polyphenols like: 

                   1.Japanese knotweed
                   2. Premium Red Wine Extract
                   3. Grape seed extract
                   4. Concentrated Red Wine powder
                        (certified no alcohol content)


Restorlyf, is manufactured by Nature's way, a hundred million dollar plus company in USA, and a recognised leader among all top nutrition and supplement companies, credited with 45 years of research programs. The company prides itself in the dedication to manufacture the finest products that consumers have attested to when they trust the "leaf" each time they buy and use Nature's way products.

I find Resveratrol to be the most crucial element. It is naturally produced by plants to combat any bacterial or fungi infections. It is also synthesized artificially. It is reported to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, cardio-vascular and blood-sugar lowering effects. It is found in Red grapes skin and is an important constituent in red wine.
Japanese knotweed is an excellent source of resveratrol.

                  Resveratrol Story On ABC News


The best part is "It activates Sirtuin enzymes, which promotes longer lifespan. They have done extensive lab experiments with yeast, worms, flies, fish and mice. Regular intake protects Mitochondria, the power-house of every cell", reports, National Institute of Ageing. Hence when all your body parts are thus protected, you can achieve a longer life.

Featured medical ingredient in U.S television shows, magazines and newspapers   

  • Mayo clinic
  • Oprah Winfrey show
  • WebMd
  • Barbara Walters show
  • Fox News channel
  • 60 Minutes
  • Fortune Magazine

The results you should be aware of:
  • Reduces ageing
  • Extends  your lifespan
  • Reverses degenerative diseases
  • Activates DNA repairing and gene silencing enzymes
  • Protects cells against free radical production
  • Mimics the effects of dietary restriction
  • Prevents pulmonary hyper-tension
  • Hinders fat storage
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases adinopetin levels for fat catabolism
  • Promotes insulin sensitivity
  • Modulates nuerological disorders(stroke/alzheimers)
  • Prevents stress
  • Prevents dysfunction in carotid arteries
  • Prevents mitochondrial loss 

The ingredients are readily absorbed into blood stream after oral intake. This is because its capsule is coated with Vegetarian Capsules(Vcaps). This allows them to disintegrate into 5 times faster than any other leading brands. I checked for about half a day. This is the second most important factor that any buyer should be aware of. Though you have all essentials but you cannot assimilate it then what is the use of buying the best ?

 The product Return and refund policy   of AIM is so good that you can get refund and exchange 5 days after receiving your product. It must be returned to:
Ma Victoria Arbelo, 
ID design Emporium Mall facing in %th Ring Road
Al Rai, Shuwaik, Kuwait.

Note that your product must be in the box and be sealed.

I began my customer testimonials search so that the products I review must be either I personally use it or others must guarantee its effectiveness. Even, I decide to try it after reading all users feedback. My facebook friend too second it.

Just I sample you 2-3 user's comments about the product which I read from other sites:

 "I've taken this product for a year now and I began to feel my energy level high after about 6 months. I suggested it to my friends, family and relatives and they too experience great effects upon their skin, complexion, energy and vision. I am 67 years old and I rely on Restorlyf". - Rafael.

"I'm very pleased with this product and decided to give it a try after reviewing it. Restorlyf, increased my overall well-being. Since I am a loyal customer of AIM's for the past 9 years, and I've been taking complete for anti-oxidants  and phyto nutrients I should say both have worked out well for me". - Jason.

"I'm 51 years old and must take powerful herbal anti-oxidants which really work. I recommend restorlyf, if you have to choose the best available in the market. My age related problems which crawled in me like cholesterol, high BP, stress has gone completely. Truly, a best de-toxifier.  - Maria.                                           

Though Restorlyf and its sisters together are best product for you to supplement your diet, I see a few setbacks after examining it's information. Their advertisement drive is comparitively low in net. Hence many of them do not know that it exists, even though it has got a bundle of benefits to its credit, attested by users.

Secondly, good distributors are really tough to find. But I made it easy after I find the best dealer where you can source shipping too whichever country you live! Though you find other dealers who can give you a little below than AIM, shipping is not available with all countries and it comes with hidden charges.

Thirdly, it is not pocket- friendly! But I must admit that I will pay double for any product that makes me healthy. As we say "HEALTH IS WEALTH", money shouldn't be the reason to prevent me from acquiring my precious health so that I can lead a happy and enjoyable life.

Retails at $58.97. AIM Global Gives you at $46.68. You save $12.29. A 21% savings for you!

         Enjoy A Longer And Healthier Life With Restorlyf

Please take a note of the products below. Each has enormous benefits. Restorlyf is also included in the package. Have you heard of Naturaceuticals? That is, it gathers all nutritions from certain powerful foods into an easily consumable capsule form. It's demand is on the rise today after millions feel its effectiveness.

The first product C 24/7 is a naturaceutical that works in your body 24 hrs. and 7 days to safeguard you. It has 22000 plant- based nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants making it the World's first dietary supplement and energiser. It is proved in research that it cures insomnia, varicose veins, low sperm count, tonsillitis, respiratory infection, anaemia, gall stones, migraine, spinal diseases and much more.

Second one, Complete has all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for all our systems to properly function. A nutritionally dense food concentrate in the world market today.It's ingredients work in synergy to give all maximum health benefits to you.

Third product, Restorlyf I have elaborated you already.

Fourth one, Choleduz, is a combination of fish oil and vitamin E. It has countless health benefits too. Primarily it addresses bad cholesterol levels.

Finally, Slim & Trim, is a reliable product where they employed 2 main ingredients to show results faster within 3 weeks!

       A natural appetizer suppressant, Hoodia Gordonii
    A polysaccharide, Glucomannan, soluble fiber,
    induces a feeling of fulness thus promoting
    weight loss safely.

This product is approved by U.S FDA
Featured in U.S health&fitness magazines
2 of the latest, proven and safe weight-loss ingredients
Increases metabolism
Reduces constipation
Improves healthy sugar level in blood
Improves will power, discipline and choice of food
For type-2 diabetes, improves lipid profile

                                Price: $165.00

 For full ingredients and other information:

 A Package Of Wellness Scientifically Proved To Cure Everything

Actually, you save time and money when you buy a product, especially health stuffs, from reputed manufacturer/distributor in bulk.

Monday, 19 August 2013

What You Can Do To Restore Your Energy Cum Health?

Today, My savings on shopping focus to health. Why I write this because we all shop for best health products to stay in good health and to be cured. Spending naturally occurs. But if we spend for the same product repeatedly without any results seen, then what is the use? So, you spend money..... No! you actually waste your money with false claims! Naturally, you are not saving money as well as health condition is too the same for you? Hence it is extremely important to spend wisely on health products.

Basically I am a poor eater with no sound health. I visited for years spending thousands of money on so called "CURE PILLS" of Allopathy, Siddha, and Homeopathy. After every visit, my digestive system was same but spending in vain.

Last year, I researched to raise my immunity at cellular level so that everything gets healed automatically. I concentrated on total body wellness to achieve this. I was surprised that capsules absorption is just 10% only. I found only a little bit of cure from the "SUPER" drinks which doctors prescribed.

Some of my friends suggested drinking cranberry, carrot, beetroot, lemon juice, fish oil, spirulina, flax seeds as home remedy. All of them turned to be futile for me.

Since I am a pro-herbal type, I just stick to herbal/organic products alone. To my horror some doctors prescribed me a horrible disgusting tonics which induces vomiting. ha..ha...
What a flavour?! I remember once taking hard-to-swallow capsule with unbearable after-tastes of vitamins content.


Always I browse for ingredients, look for any steroids
or any potential health and side effects, FDA non-
approved ingredients (DMAA, magnesium stearate) or other harmful minerals like aconite, chaparral, bitter orange, colloidal silver, coltsfoot, comfrey, country mallow, germanium, kava, yohimbe which are prohibited by
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

At the same time they include 11 best ingredients
that a supplement must have: calcium, cranberry,
fish oil, glucosamine sulfate, lactase, lactobacillus, psyllium, pygeum, SAMe, St. John's wort, and vitamin D.  

Personally I believe herbal categories are the most safe bet than any chemical supplements. More than 90% constitutes herbal extracts(no side effects) in herbal supplements. So I vote for it even while I choose shampoos and soaps in my home.

By September last year, I tried Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition. Simply I can't help myself from raving about this product to whom I meet. It tasted like a berry smoothie! My complications with skin, hair and nail have gone completely. After about 3 months I began to taste the magic it did to my digestive system-better absorption, no bloating, and much more. I got more energy than before and I felt really God had given me this MAGIC WONDER.

Really, when I visited doctors they will say first we will address the first then your other complications one by one. I thought my whole lifetime is dedicated to pills. When I get slowly but steadily the outcome of the heavenly drink, I was amazed and I wanted those who are like me to see their health restored effectively.

Thus I saved huge monthly or weekly medical bills. First time I bought a small one to try. After that my mother advised me to change my thoughts about taking medicines. So I gave a positive thought and I bought a big bottle to save cost too. It lasted me for a month. I placed a standing order so that each month I got it automatically. This time apart from savings I got a real satisfaction and a joy that I got healed from one product which my doctors never knew or they should hone their skills at least.

With a single source, I am now in good health. What if I continued with various doctors and various medicines and various systems? What about my worthless spendings ? May be doctors would've become millionaires from patients like me justifying their false diagnosis.

I should really say Veriuni is a multi-purpose tonic. Of course, the manufacturer's claim is "statements not evaluated by FDA; and their product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease."

They have acknowledged truly to purchasers instead of any false claims just to merely sell. Such false claimers didn't know one thing for sure. They can make a few sales of course. But can they bring loyal customers? What will happen to them if buyers dissatisfied with their product (after 6 months)? Any herbal product has a rule. It acts slowly and steadily in our system. Some can expect results within 3-6 months and for others it may take up a year; but proven results.

I had a few things before I took Veriuni  for the second month. I believed that I will be cured this time, I did a few stretch-ups and walking, sometimes meditation. That adds more value to Veriuni I consumed. Some days I preferred with my morning smoothies with ice-cubes. Incredible!! vow! Irresistible taste.

I advised my in-laws to take it as a supplement. They were averse to medicines so I told them that it is just a dietary supplement like fish oil or vitamins. Finally they too started their experiment (only after my cure) and now my mother-in-law who is a BP(blood pressure) patient got cured. She told me when I asked to rate her cure,4 out of 5. She is continually still taking. Her knee pain got cured completely.
She is all in praise for me to find out a suitable product for her.

Only the sick can understand other sick person's mind. I thought if I got cured, then why not you too? A word of caution:Follow healthy food habits when you take this supplement. Eat enough vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts, and increase your fluid intake.

I ordered Veriuni because of the ingredients label that catapulted me more than any other health supplement I browsed in Internet. Also, I found more good reviews from customers in their site and best of all it is one of the best selling products of SFI.

       Verify Other's statements Here

I believe it's unique formula has a direct impact on our cellular functions and its nutrients are 98% absorbable. When I eat foods, I don't think that all I eat get properly absorbed. Thanks to Veriuni supplement that all ingredients in it are easily absorbable, my digestive system got strong and I got all nutrients, completely balanced. Though I avoid vitamin B12 foods, and other essential nutrients in my diet, Veriuni gives me all I lack.

I challenge you that no other supplement gives as much nutrition and healthy ingredients as Veriuni.

Product Rating 

It's exclusive formula has 13 vitamins, 9 herbs, 18 amino acids, and a variety of nutrients, minerals and plant extracts.
Added to its credit are Acai Berry extract, Grape Seed extract, Omega 3 & Omega 6 and Calcium. A very good supplement for Gluten Free searchers.

It has all essential vitamins; vitamin a,c,d,e,b1,b2,b3,b5,b6 and b12; folic acid; biotin; zinc; potassium citrate; innositol;
aloe vera; amino acid complex; carbohydrate(1%); green tea extract; Ginkgo Biloba leaf; red raspberry; white willow bark;bilberry; hawthorne berry; bioflavanoids; CoQ10; essential fatty acids-lecithin; flaxseed oil; purified water; vegetable gum; vegetable glycerin; fructose; natural flavours; citric acid; citrus pectin; potassium benzoate; potassium sorbate; bromelain; and royal jelly.

But I am unhappy with only shipping. Standard shipping is available.They calculate shipping by product weight and destination.So with shipping costs the product price gets escalated a little.

I bought qty 2-32 oz. bottles.Retail price $69.95. You will get it at discount of $49.95. You save $20.00 (29%). Rather, if you place a standing order like me, you buy it for $45.41, you save $24.54 (35%)

                        YOUR ROBUST HEALTH             

 Anything precious should not be wasted with time. You will not get another opportunity. Before your illness gets you, you beat it fast. My suggestion is if you are aged 90,can you look for wellness with this drink? certainly not! If you are under 90, it is better. If you are below 80, it is good. If you are below 70, it is fine. If you are below 60, it is very good. If you are below 50, it is excellent.

You can get this product from TRIPLECLICKS. It's a direct listing.

With just 2 table spoon daily, start noticing an improved sense of well-being and increased energy today.


Look for most reliable and best moving products of all categories in my successive post.

Monday, 12 August 2013

What I did personally to drastically cut down my spendings while shopping

Online shopping today is far rewarding and earn miles for shoppers than from physical stores.Though few incidents in even top e-tailers continues pouring, online shopping is still soaring!

Do you really save from coupons? Personally, I didn't. I had to spend more than what I get from! Basically more hidden charges of the owner's tactics. If at all I get some savings, it's meagre only.

Hence I jumped into games, rewards and loyalty programs which in my opinion is far rewarding. Coupon is easy to get but games sometimes need brilliance and luck. Once you become aware of the rules and how to win YOU REALLY SAVE INCREDIBLY!


Participate in penny auctions or any other special programs and you will wonder the results it gives. Can you get Motorola MB300 Backflip Unlocked 3G Android Phone just for $1.54. When you buy from store it costs $249.99! I got it and learnt the ropes.This I did by learning tricks given in niche e-books I got from Tripleclicks and then participated in their penny auctions.Also learn their strategies and tips provided on their website too.

I joined WAVE3 PROGRAM too. Since Free to join and I got various Deal-of-the day, every month I am saving. Just I quote one example for you- Car Tunes Direct Connect 2GB MP3 Player for $11.97 as a WAVE3 Member special. But retails for $29.39. I thus saved $17.42 (59%) simply by becoming a free wave3 member.

I will not miss any hot deals whenever functions arises in my home. Last month I ordered a platinum crystal ring which my daughter liked the most from Tripleclicks as her birthday gift. I showed her Amazon and Best buy sites  too. I did not want her to buy only from one site I show. I thought it should be the best of all!

First she waved between Amazon and TRIPLECLICKS. To my surprise, she chose the one from ECA Wang Xiyan of Tripleclicks. It's retail price is $89.99. I got it for $7.59, thus saved $82.40. A savings of 92%!!!So, I asked her that it was the price that made you to choose Tripleclicks? She replied quickly that I liked the most here than the other one and my finger should look beautiful;only the best and not to please you dear!

Moreover, I am a gadget and book lover.So, I go for all hot deals and close-outs and in few cases auctions to save my budget. What if happens if I didn't saved from all these? Today I would be in damn debt or I would not have all the electronic gadgets and 
e-books which I loved the most!

Another day, I bought a Nintendo Gamecube Console(platinum) for my family friend. He said How can I repay this costlier gift? I just laughed and asked him to guess the price? He answered $140-150?

Actually the retail price is $129.00. Discount price is $55 in Tripleclicks. Saved $74,( a 57% ). The same costs $54.99 in E-bay. Plus No Free Shipping. I didn't want another untoward incident as happened before in e-bay(delivery/shipping). In Tripleclicks within 2 days of order product is at my hands in free shipping. The condition is also excellent.

I look for not only price/discounts but the other hidden charges of course as well as my personal experiences. Google the consumer reviews and complaints.

Look for the following on how to save your hard earned money
while shopping online without falling a prey to e-tailers business

      1. Are you given a FREE membership?
      2. Is the site is secured with lock features and beginning
          with https:// 
      3. Look for freebies, gifts, rewards, coupons etc..
      4. FREE shipping and refund options and policies
      5. Avoid shipping costs by selecting ECA's of your own 
      6. Always consolidate your purchases
      7. Confirm your subscription to automate your re-purchases
      8. Leave your shopping cart unless you want the item 
          urgently as you get more discounts from retailers after
          2 or 3 days from your checkout time
     9. Check for their customer support fax,email,phone,live chat
    10. Never trust comparison sites because you won't get accurate
          data of large retailers and hidden charges like shipping etc..
    11. Use credit/debit card to get discounts only if your card has
          merchant- funded rewards programme else paypal is secure
    12. Give your e-mail to your favourite retailers to attract more
          discounts and updates
    13. Also make use of social media connections like facebook
          and twitter to checkout recent news of your retailers
    14. Local stores like lists prices of various local
          stores in a chosen city, which is best than big online giants
    15. Get only valid coupon codes from trusted sites
    16. Have a list of codes, stack it. Remember to enter the bigger 
          amount say 15% discount and then a coupon of $10
    17. Sites like lets you with referral shopping to earn
    18. Before choosing a product, be aware of stores return policy
    19. Participate in contests, games, loyalty programmes
    20. Read for the tips and strategies first before leaping directly
          to penny auctions

How about if you find almost a matching online shopping
site today? Of the above 20 points, I assure you Tripleclicks matches 18 of these. 


However, I would like to admit few limitations in using Tripleclicks

 1. Only few products have Free Shipping
 2. All sellers aren't trustworthy, since anyone can sell items
     chances are there for you to be duped, especially when you
     purchase used items
 3. Setting up a store requires fulfilling applications which takes
    a long time usually
 4. If you aren't an ECA, you can sell only used items.

But as a general rule,any system has its own limitations and advantages in general. I experienced before in ebay too. If
anyone of you reading this blog can say "no" to my question
I'm astonished and I would like to switch over again.


Last but not least, don't wait until last minute to shop. You will 
miss various offers and sales plus you will be paying extra for
shipping and you don't have your gift when you need it.   

Look forward for review of Tripleclicks most selling and popular
products, selling like hot cakes with 100% customer satisfaction.         

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Why you should join WAVE 3 MEMBER Special Program of Tripleclicks ?

We all LOVE GAMES. Personally, it's a great STRESS RELIEVER to me. What if I found
a free site to join and play games to win and make MONEY in the process....Of course
there are many sites all there, but again TRIPLECLICKS is an exception. See how?

One such game is Tripleclicks WAVE3. In Tripleclicks there is a provision for you .You 
don't need to buy a product for cash! Even if you don't want to buy a product for cash, still
you can ! Yes,earn FREE Member Reward Points (MRP) and redeem it on over 92848 products of  Tripleclicks. Select your favourite product and while checkout tick MRP
as your payment option. That's it!

Earn MRP by :

                  @ purchasing products at tripleclicks
                  @ bid on pricebenders auction (5mrp/bid)
                  @ enter pick_the_price contest (PTP)
                  @ participate in FREE wave3 program (50 mrp/month)


Join WAVE3 to earn your miles here: like,
                  @ FREE monthly T_CREDITS -5(digital TC currency) ($59.40 annual value)
                  @ FREE monthly MRP (50)
                  @ Win $ 100's in weekly cash drawing prizes
                  @ Earn unlimited additional Tcredits and MRP
                  @ FREE song of the month download
                  @ Save money monthly on exclusive products available to you 
                       on SPECIAL PRICES as a w3 member!
                  @ Awarded $250 cash instantly when you REFER a member to W3
                       (Most exciting part of W3!)

 Receive all goodies in just 3 steps:
                  1. Register and order your FREE* W3 Starter Kit.
                       (Kit is FREE except $1.95, a one time payment of shipping and handling charges)

               2. Affix the included TripleClicks decal to your car.
                         (you can include it in any family friend's car)

               3. Upload or email a photo of you and your car.


                                        Milan Zoric of Norway, EUROPE,  just won $250 in the weekly WAVE3 cash drawing. 

The following is included in your W3 starter kit: With easy kits,making money is just a tick away!
  • (1)   TripleClicks Automobile Decal;
  • (15) Full-Color W3 X-Cards;
  • (2)   Membership Cards; W3 Referral Link;
  • (1)   Quick Start Guide.
 Further for referrals, you are given vast 17 or more easy methods.

Any Ongoing Requirement?
                  Yes. Very simple. Complete W3 REACTIVATION FORM monthly to confirm
your participation. It 's cost FREE and takes just minutes!

This isn't like any other programme for FREE with a hidden cost! Isn't it? I have tried 
before more freebies like coupon codes finally to discover that it's invalid!
This Wave 3 is a huge source of monthly income as well as a jackpot savings.

The next post will give you goldmine tips I personally used to have more savings...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Save more with Tripleclicks PRICEBENDERS Amazing PENNY AUCTIONS

I've been to many penny auction sites like BidBay, HappyBidDay , sell, junction, swoopo etc. I have lost a great deal on bidding and returned empty handed. In some sites, the cost of bidding is made to rise by the sites tactics. Shill bidding, bid bots and poor customer service made me to look for other eligible, trusted sites. 

In contrast Tripleclicks has helpful information and warnings about overspending and tips on

how to bid effectivelyAmazon is the KING ofcourse! I wondered initially what Tripleclicks
has whereas  e_bay doesn't! Later on I found many interesting features here. One great thing
is in addition to regular auctions by ECA's here, Tripleclicks conducts its own auction called
PRICEBENDER PENNY AUCTIONS where you can get electronics,digital or any items
at 99% far below retail price.


Pricebenders penny auctions at TripleClicks are a huge hit. But a lot of bidders engage in counter-productive actions that actually cost auction wins! Fortunately, many of these actions boil down to common--and avoidable--mistakes. 

One of the biggest mistake is people wait for too long to bid. Connectivity issues, computer crashes, latency (network delays), and other factors may interfere with your bid. If you wait till the last few seconds to bid, you're running the risk that your bid won't go through in time. And make sure you understand that when you bid, it just resets the auction clock, so being the last one to bid before the clock hits zero may just keep you from winning if your bid is delayed by one of the aforementioned technical issues. Consequently, I recommend bidding with NO LESS THAN 5 seconds remaining. 

Of course, as mentioned, this is just ONE of the mistakes to watch out for. To help you out, Tripleclicks has gathered a list of 15 common sense do's and don'ts to help you win Pricebenders auctions. It's a quick but essential read for anyone wanting to participate successfully in Tripleclciks penny auctions. 


In Tripleclicks, they focus on1. Customer satisfaction
                                                 2. Free Tcredits, (their currency to bid) ,if at all we should                                                                buy,it is very cheap
                                                 3. Maximum price, the item will never go above this price
                                                 4. Refer and you get plenty of free bids
                                                 5. Become a seller
                                                 6. Customer information is  well protected
                                                 7. "BBB"(Better Business Bureau) accredited.
                                                 8. More than 50 payment options
                                                 9. You win even if bid is lost (see below for details)
                                                10. Follow better business practices evident from
                                                      their sales.
                                                11. Free shipping hence reduces your costs and 
                                                      maximise your resale earning potential
                                                12. Autobid - so,don't end up paying more than the 
                                                       item is really worth for and much more....


Pricebenders™ Auctions gives you BRAND NEW (and, occasionally, refurbished), brand name merchandise,gift cards,and more at prices that are far below typical retail. Prices start 
at just $.01,and with each bid received,the prices increases by just 1 cent. Be the final bidder and you win the item.The final bidders on these penny auctions may then buy the items for the ending price (usually a fraction of the normal retail price, with FREE  SHIPPING).

TripleClicks "TCREDITS" are used for bidding on Pricebenders™ Auctions. TCredits are available in packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200...and for as little as $.29 apiece. Note that 
TCredits can also be used for selling items on Tripleclicks, purchasing products, downloading music, and more.


NEED Tripleclicks DIGITAL currency, TCREDITS?

Every hour, given  away 60 FREE TCredits to 30 lucky winners (720 winners each day!)

Or purchase it just  for 
as little as $.29 each ! 

Or enter with their exclusive contest, PICK_THE_PRICE(PTP) ,where members win FREE 
200 TCredits. You need just 1 tcredit to enter and for entering, you again earn 5 MRP instantly.

{Just submit the amount you think will be the winning price of the item. You can enter each
time when  a new auction started, so you'll have multiple chances to win each day. If no one predicts the exact final price, the person who is closest without going over wins 20 FREE TCredits. In the event of a tie, the person who posted the winning prediction first will 
receive either the 200 or 20 FREE TCredits prize, whichever is applicable}.
PTP Contest Rules:
1. Enter with one TCredit.
2. Entry must be submitted before the auction price hits $1.00.
3. One entry per TripleClicks Member per auction.
4. No purchase necessary to win.
5. Maximum of one prize per day.
6. No winners if the auction ends at less than $1.25.
I got mostly free tcredits from hourly contest and as a( W3) WAVE3 member SPECIAL, received 20 free tcredits monthly!

Else, send a postcard/letter to (get 1 tcredit instantly added to your account )
                         TripleClicks  Dept. Free TC
                         8251 Northwoods Dr, Ste 200
                         Lincoln NE 68505-3092
                         United States
                                             99% off!

Abdullah Alalfi just won this Apple iPad 2 Tablet (16GB, Wifi) 2nd Generation (Retail price: $399.00) for just $3.86




I've seen people thronging to many reputed auction sites where there
     are more COMPETITIONS. If one enters a less competitive, unheard                                     names,unknown to many,  like pricebender, your CHANCE OF WINNING
     IS RELATIVELY HIGH.  Do you agree?

2.  In other auction sites you lose when you don't win. Even if you don't
      win the auction here,YOU STILL WIN! How? For every bid you earn 5 MRP
     ( Member rewards points). MRP's can be redeemed on 92000 Tripleclicks 
      products and services you chose as well as MUSIC DOWNLOADS.

3.1 WA in auction notes means,a SPECIAL auction for ONLY bidders 
     who have not won any auction before here. This opportunity made me to win a 
   Toshiba Camileo H30 Full HD Camcorder for $1.34,
   saved 99% off retail!

4. WBF in auction notes means, "WINNER BIDS FREE" auction,and the
      winning bidder will receive all of his/her bids back upon completion of
       the auction.     TWO BIRDS IN ONE STONE!

5.  Everyone has a CHANCE TO WIN here because TC member is limited to
      winning two WBF (Winner Bids Free) Pricebenders auctions in a 30-day                period, with no more than one win every 10 days.That is you may win no                more than 3 auctions in a 7 day period and no more than 10 auctions in 
       a 30-day period.

6. They use high-security Verisign encryption and other security features to             ensure that your TRANSACTIONS at Tripleclicks are always safe,secure
      and private.

7. They have given excellent  TIPS AND STRATEGIES to win their auctions                 along with FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on how to bid, winning,                 shipping on won items, auction item details, returns and warranties,                     technicals, payment methods etc

Recently, Tripleclicks includes SILVER in its auctions. Don't you have this precious 
investment in your home? Consider buying now as value of silver are increasing daily.
It's a sure means of returns like real estate.


96% off!

Sandra H. just won this Apple iPad Mini (Retail Price $329.00) for just $10.44!
This is just one of hundreds of incredible deals and products available. Come check us out!
* Plus cost of bids, if any

I'll give you a tip to win auctions as a token of reading my blog. Bid for auctions at
off-peak times of day always. Wait for the countdown to get below 10 seconds then I will place a bid. If it shows I am winning the bid and it doe's not quickly show another bid. If it shows straight away that I have been out bided. This means someone has Auto Bids running. I will not bother. I look and view the names of people that have placed bids, if there is a long list. Then I do not bother. But if it shows just two members. Then I will place another bid. Remember only place bids when the red line is showing and the count down is between 10 and 5 seconds. You can leave it to late bidding after this.

Are you ready to save up to 95% on what you want most now?


For more info on saving as a WAVE3  member of tripleclicks see my next post