Who Am I?

I'm Prisca Bastin Daphne Fernando. I enjoy shopping, music (new artists, all over the world), cooking, gaming, reading, gardening and recently blogging. I'm a busy mom struggling to balance work and family. I live in Chennai, India. I work as a guest lecturer to management students. 

After marriage, because of my busy schedules and to save my budget more I preferred shopping online. Of course, who do not want to save money? Primarily from shopping and more specifically, with available global discounts and offers that we are tempted with in online.

Thus began my online journey with a few hardships from few sites. Then I keyed only safe giant sites to stick on. I read e-books and blogs about safe online shopping and win auctions, manage coupons etc. Gained some info and with the mistakes I made, I learned more.

I found Tripleclicks by word-of-mouth from my colleague. As I hardly find any reviews I continued my other fan sites. After a huge persuasion I gave a thought about to give a try at least. The experience is good and to my surprise I won auctions and I joined Wave3 program and free games which all paved my way for great savings. Once when I was seeing their ad saying turn all your closets/attics and garages to immediate cash, at that time, my house was filled with all sorts of goods. So I made a huge cash out of it.

Remember unlike e-bay and other sites which complicates the process and only gives us 7 days, here I can sell as long I need without any hidden fees. I got attracted and listed here.

Here comes another turning point in my life. A true business opportunity. I initially wondered  am I a right fit? But with no single penny and with full internet training I found a right opportunity here. Since I loved online shopping (safe) and what I saved from it blossomed into pages. Through my own shopping I'm progressing my business too. Everyone will do shopping . Of course try the least cost by comparison. You save at that moment. Consider along with your shopping deals (only good), you get value additions in some ways. Yes. I earn points which in-turn get me shares and redeemable products. 

I have the opportunity to review you only the best products I bought and used and sometimes the site's reviewed best selling products. I'm the decision-maker in my family for all our shopping needs and I'm very choosy and stable. I blog to give you only credible sites I deal with and highly satisfied products. My aim is not to make money. I very well know that blog gives me only a few extra bucks to settle my travelling expenses, a few bills etc. My only aim is to get  more readers and their valuable and different thoughts/perspectives in shopping. Further, when you like what I post, I really like to be shared in your social circles.

If you give the topics of your interest while shopping, sure I'm ready to share. I call myself a poor writer and thinker. So I sometimes need the category to write about. Next year I will be hunting for other established, credible and cheap branded products. In a way, I'm little selfish that I'm searching not only for you to live the millionaire's life with expensive tastes but going through the short-cut, that is, cheapest deals and discounts and other possible methods but, for myself too. 

Like my house is flooded with expensive, trendy and beautiful products; but not really expensive!. The same product instead of its original price I got from hot deals, daily deals, discounts, auctions and sometimes with reward programs. Cheap ways to get expensive stuffs! I'm a huge gadget lover and games lover too. A plethora of branded cheap stuffs I collect, sometimes a second-handed one. It is in no way inferior to a new item, provided you know the details.

Best, I can post twice a week for now. Sometimes when I haven't bought the products and no reviews available in the site, I search for customers reviews from other credible resources and if I'm satisfied, only then you will find the product reviews here. 

I can give you endless categories of products. Thus began my business journey along with my shopping online. Together I can save roughly a month $1000 - $2000. Do the math when you buy from quoted price instead of hot deals or discounts, off-seasons, and in holidays for a month/year. I've done and by now, If I chose the fixed prices, I wouldn't have rich stuffs from shopping. I would've led an average standard life with no trendy items to boast and nothing to give for you. In a way I regard blogging not to pride about that I am saving but as a service to my fellow shoppers.

Your interests and how I am helping you is the ultimate goal I set to each of my post. "You give something to someone without any expectation" is my favorite Bible say. The very moment we will realize God in us and immense happiness. Plus you will feel great that you have achieved something. All has something to give others and when you give something which helped others, the satisfaction we derive is incomparable to earthly deeds. Don't think of charity alone. The deeds which you do with other than money also counts. 

We all exist here to help our fellow-beings. Don't we? 

Next thing I valued in my life till date is the truth. As said by Buddha, 3 things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. When I was a debutante online shopper, I skimmed for various sites and blogs for reviews and saving money, and I found to my surprise, just for commissions many gave false claims and ideas that do not help. But today all such blogs end up "Do not exist". They go after money and not credibility. They didn't give thoughts to their trust-worthiness which matters more than money in my opinion. "I'm helped while you are being helped" - if both parties benefit together it is fine. If one alone gets something by cheating the other deliberately, can they be trusted for a long time? It is rampant in real as well as virtual world.


So, even I am giving only my own opinions as well as sites I referred for info. One of the reason I told that a site/product can't be judged 100% is perspective.  I am blogging in my perspective, while the same thing will be seen differently, not good, by another person's perspective. You get 2 different opinions on same product/site. You will chose the either by your own perspective. This I learned in product management. 

Some things work for them but not for others. I found sites which had comments saying "excellent! I saved more". But to my horror, I even ended with some extra fees paid. I cannot say that site fooled me. This is the experience. By experience and various back-up information from blogs you win. Experience the sayings of experienced shoppers, and check if it works for you too. Don't give up. Try, try, try until you succeed. Only this kind of checking together with persuasion of my colleague pulls me into Tripleclicks before 2 years. Some of my friends say, they're saving a lot more than me. I ask them to do step-by-step calculation for a month. I feel there're hidden costs which they know not. However, only after a month we can be certain. If their side wins, I will go for details and ready to make jump. I will blog about all my savings actions after the research.

Please do not dismiss my words as philosophy. What I am saying is what I felt out of many years of my shopping experience. When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.