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Get Rid Of Those Sleepless Night Blues Once Forever And Sleep Like A Baby

                                              Hearos Deep Sleep System


My friend has battled insomnia since a stressful family conflict in 2005. She switched back and forth between prescription medications and has tried cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, better sleep hygiene, and giving up caffeine over the years and even then she spent weeks sleeping less than four hours at night. Yet, she never feels sleepy during the day, just worn out.

"People don't get it" she said. "I can't nap; I wish I could. I get fatigued and too tired to do things like go out to dinner with friends. Not because I'm afraid I'll fall asleep, but because I just can't deal with socializing and putting out the extra effort."

Personal relations are often hard hit when her insomnia gets chronic. Tiredness and headaches are the worst symptoms which boiled her stressful relationships and arguments just for silly issues. Because sleep deprivation takes a heavy toll on her, both physically and emotionally, she was on the verge of depression, alcoholism and other health factors.

Sleeping pills, valerian and other herbal remedies did not work either despite some side-effects. She always quote this to me: "The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4 am knows all my secrets".

It continued until one day she discovered Haeros mask while finding a permanent solution in online. Whatever be the cause of her sleep hazards, sleep masks which she wore over her eyes, to keep out light while she slept, helped her fall asleep and stay asleep. So, if you want both the dark bedroom and an in-expensive proven option ( the current preferred recommendation of today's practitioners) try the sleep mask.

Haeros Deep Sleep System is different from other expensive, flimsy sleep masks which you find from other retailers. Initially she tried various, other brands of sleep masks, but none of them fully block out the light. You will be able to experience total darkness even with your eyes completely open! This relaxation mask looks very different to other mask and there's a good reason for that. This Hearos mask will block out all light guaranteed.

This mask uses high density soft foam padding. The padding moulds to your face so that you can sit comfortably in total darkness with your eyes open. You won't feel any pressure on your face.

A Velcro head strap allows you to fit the mask snugly to your face. The mask is designed for you to wear it for a longer period of time. No more loose or sagging mask problems.

  • Great for travel
  • Perfect for meditation
  • Comfortably blocks all light
  • Helps with light sensitive migraines
  • Won't smudge eye make-up
  • Aids in relaxation and sleep

She used fleece type of eye mask initially. When she discovered foam type works magically upon her, she still uses it and is now the happiest woman I found on earth. Her issues all settled and living a healthy, happy family. I wish her to be like this forever. While a fleece eye mask is also comfortable, the beauty of foam eye shade is that they give a total black-out. There are large indentations in the eye area, so, there isn't any contact with your eyelids or lashes is the reply I instantly got from her when I posed the question of changing her mask to foam type.

I later researched on to find exactly what she says: Hearos brand has some unique features built-in to give a quality sleep to its users. When you go through REM sleep cycles, your eyes move often quite a bit. This mask with room to open and move your eyes, helps you sleep better through the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages.

Further, the vendor she bought gives 100% satisfaction guarantee. They state, "If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely happy with any purchase, let us know. We will make it right or cheerfully refund the full purchase price of the product." Their website also lets customers leave product reviews. This give you an opinion of other users who bought this product from this vendor. 

Reviews From Customers:

This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
My eyes are really light sensitive, so I sleep much better when I can block out the light (in addition to closing my eyes).

This foam mask allows for me to blink my eyes so I don't feel claustrophobic. The foam conforms adequately so the light is blocked around both my tiny nose and my hubby's big nose. It only feels constrictive around my nose if I am stuffed up with a cold; fortunately we do not have allergies so that is not often.

We each keep one mask in our travel bag and one near the bed. We wear it in the summer to sleep until the alarm goes off in the morning. We also wear it for daytime naps and on overnight air travel. I get migraines, so the Hearos mask is a portable "black out room."

I hand wash them monthly in Dreft or Woolite. Roll in a thick towel, then step on to blot. Place over a vent or fan to ensure it is dry again by nightime. A few of my masks are several years old and they do get worn out after constant use. One is so old the foam started to decay, so I salvaged the velcro an threw it out. What a bargain they have been for sleeping so soundly!

The earplugs are decent. My hubby hates the smell of the sleep lotion--it reminds me of a hospital.

I have tried most other masks on the market and this one is the best for us. The memory foam version slips on my face, is hot, and does not blck the light. The ones with a sewn flap around the nose do not block the light around either of our noses. The molded mask (like a thin layer of foam between knit; it comes in many colors) leak light bad and once I do get it positioned so it is dark, it slips and leaks light again.

This mask keeps out the light despite my switching fequently between my side and back sleep positions. The mask is worth the nuisance to use it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for those with migraines!September 26, 2010
C. Zahn "cyz" (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
The mask is black softer plastic with soft foam about 3/4 inch over forehead and around eyes so there is no pressure on the eyes, and you can open your eyes and not have light seep through. The ear plugs are soft, and do the usual depressing of sound. It is my favorite Kit and I recommend it to all my family and friends.

Night workers....this is your sleeping mask!June 22, 2010
Audrey Ganouna (Los Angeles, CA)
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
Every other weekends, i work late at night (or should i say until very early morning) and if not wearing a sleeping mask, i wouldn't be able to get more than 3-4hours of sleep :(
This is my favorite mask ever!
First, it doesn't put any pressure on your eyes. The foam is located just around the eyes and hollow in the center.
I do agree it might be a bit itchy for sensitive skin, but i don't think it would be a concern for most people.
Second, the mask makes it pitch black so you can get as much "zzzzzz"as your body needs, even if it's sunny outside!

This mask saves my life and sanity (i get very grumpy if i don't sleep well). I sleep deeper, feel more rested when i wake up and (the best of all) in LESS hours!!!

Best of The LotJune 8, 2010
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
The Hearos Deep Sleep System is the best at keeping out the light and has a breathable foam that surrounds your upper face and dosen't get to hot. I love the strap that allows you to adjust the tightness the mask. Thanks Hearos

Works Fine for meJanuary 21, 2010
Maria Van Daele (Reality)
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
Fair Warning, I sell these, so I might be a little biased.

I think they work well, they are a little bulky, but that doesn't really bother me, and whenever I want to sleep in, I fumble around on my night stand and put it on. I use ear filters when I sleep, and the ones that come with these are OK, hearos makes better ones, but for me they ore comfy and work well. I actually like the aromatherapy lotion, it smells like witch-hazel which I like the smell of, the only complaints I have are that sometimes a little bit of light comes in around the nose, although it depends on how you wear it, and I wish it was vented in some way as it seems to get stuffy when its over 80 degrees in the summer. Long story short, I think it's a GREAT value for a sleep mask that works much better than a lot of other ones I have tried, which is why I decided to buy a wholesale lot.

Sleep TechnicianAugust 18, 2009
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
I love this mask and it is a great product for a person like me who sleeps during the day and works at night! Sun light is gone and I feel like i'm sleeping during the night! I am about to purchase another mask because my old one is becoming worn. Enjoy sleep today!

Great productSeptember 10, 2009
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
I have used a variety of sleep masks for about 20 years. This is by far the most comfortable on one's eyes while providing almost total darkness.

Light and easy to adjust....I use it every night.

5.0 out of 5 stars AAAAAH!February 1, 2012
Branwyn "Branwyn" (Colorado Springs, CO) 
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
I've tried many a sleep mask, and this little dude is the best. The foam seems to float on your face, and the cutouts for the eyes are deep enough that I'm never aware of the mask against my eyelids. I wish they sold just the mask -- I'm no great fan of the goo-in-a-bottle that the mask comes packaged with, but that's just a small quibble. I'd properly dispose of an old tire iron to get my hands on one of these great little masks!!! (I just ordered extras...)

5.0 out of 5 stars I was skeptical. I am not any longer.May 23, 2009
carynification (Florida)
This review is from: Hearos Deep Sleep Kit (Health and Beauty)
I have tried and been disappointed in many sleep eye shades. These are awesome. They are soft and completely cover the light unlike those nonsense satin dainties. If you are serious about sleep, get them. I use them to nap in my car in daytime as part of my polyphasic sleep experiment.

The best mask I've ever wornApril 13, 2010
Frater J (IL United States)As someone who worked midnights for several years, a sleep mask really helped me. After a whle I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't wake up, my days and nights were mashing into one another. Sleep masks really helped me regulate my sleeping. And this is the best mask I've ever worn.

I sleep face down. I know that's strange, but its what I do. So regular masks pressed into my eyeballs and were too uncomfortable to wear. This has a lot of padding that goes around the eyeball, allowing me to sleep normally and not press against my eyes. Perfect!

If you live in a place that is loud, the kit comes with ear plugs, which I do not need, but have worn. They are compfortable and not distracting. They dull the sound without deafening you, and you'll still hear the alarm clock.

I got this kit for about 4 bucks on sale at the grocery store. Easily worth 10 times this.

Availability & Price:

It is hard to get. Foam type is so demanded that it easily goes out-of-stock. That's why users buy more than two to be on the safer side.


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While other retailers charge minimum 10$. You can't get so cheap other than here. It comes with a "total blackout" sleep mask, sense of sleep relaxing lotion, and 2 ear filters. This sleep system lets you immerse yourself in soothing serenity, with a unique, super soft foam mask. Deep cavities allow for an "eyes open total blackout effect." Adjust the strap to fit your custom needs. Just dab the specially formulated aromatherapy sense of relaxing lotion on your wrists, back of the neck and temples for calming release. Use the 2 ear filters to reduce up to  32 decibels of noise.

Perfect when you are stressed or for situations where there is more noise than you can take when trying to get to sleep.

87% of buyers would recommend this product to a friend
77% of buyers would buy this product again
90% of buyers experienced acceptable delivery time
91% of buyers said this product arrived in the described condition

I have to really thank my friend for letting me share her woes for the benefit of others. Since I didn't come across, I can't buy this product and use it for actual review. While Hearos was used by her regularly since the past 10 months and reviewed more than 4.2 star rating on various sites I visited by other users, Hearos once again proved me a worthy to try out and be reviewed here. 

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